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  2. I stumbled across this channel trying to take the skills expressed here and put them into tracing crypto as I thought a great time for me to learn and get in was after the bubble popped. I think like many forex day-swing traders my balance had a J curve, down initially when you learn how to manage your emotions before and after a trade and then up as you gain competency. I have some comments I hope will help your viewers with the understanding that I am a retail trader cypto-rookie and I have a few years experiences mostly trading stocks.

    Cryto is much faster. You can see patterns develop using 15 minute candles. Head and shoulders, ascending and descending triangles, all the basics patterns. They may take days to develop but are best seen on the 15 minute candle. When I am in discussion boards the guys that just came over from stocks don't seem to believe the time frame is not a pattern seen on the daily charts with weeks to months.

    Swing traders that are adjusted to crypto often like the 45 minute timeframe for their MACD/Moving average analysis. I currently use the Hull MACD & Moving averages to signal when to get out and the standard MACD to let me know when to get back in. I swing trade because I haven't developed the skills to scalp and I purposely use an exchange with limited leverage while I continue to develop.

    I also intentionally check the top coins for periodicity in their MACD patterns. Some are much more likely than others to have regular lows and peaks that make playing them much easier.

    Crypto does not really respond to news. Classic Elliot Wave theory that these impulses and corrections are largely independent of news seems to hold true. When the MACD momentum is good and bad news comes out it is shrugged off. When the momentum is down likewise good news is shrugged off. Large cryto news networks (cointelegraph, coindesk, etc) will see a price movement and then go backwards, looking for the causal news while ignoring the fact the MACD conditions, etc

  3. I find moving averages (which of the many flavors??) in crypto useless. Sometimes in the daily timeframe the 200 or 300 SMA may work in BTC when it dips. Altcoins ignore it. No useful signals from that. The movements are mostly too explosive for the lagging averages. What tends to work well I think is volume profile and Fibonacci retracements, and good old support/resistance. For the general trend assessment and studying compression setups I find Bollinger bands helpful.

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