Cryptocurrency Trading Tips & Tricks. Learn to find Market Reversal Price Points.

Z-Special Bitmex Altcoin Buy Sell Signal Indicator Now Available Want to Know Cryptocurrency Market Reversal Price Points?


  1. TD Sequential doesn't work in the way mentioned here. It's a 9-13-9 model where cycle starts for a buy set up prices goes down for 9 bars (momentum) followed by 13 count down bars (trend). Basically at end of 13 count down bars trend is weak and ready for reversal. But that's not all for TD Sequential. Entries can be done post set up and after set up+ count down. Subject to alignment to support & resistance lines, set up need to be perfected. It's not anywhere close to what is explained here. Read Tom Demark indicator by Jason Pearl.

  2. sir mujhe ek dout hai is video me …jaose aapne bataya ki down trand me 1 jo bar hai wo previous 4 bar se low hona chahiye to count down 1 se 9 tak ja raha hai yaha tak thik hai ….lekin aapne bataya jab up 9 count down ke bad jab up trand start hota hai to jo previous 4 bar hai uske closing se 1 st bar ka closing uper hona chahiye …mujhe yahi samjh me nahi aaya ki down trand me bole low or uptrand me bole kabhi closing or abhi low ……to mai samjha nahi …kyoki. 1 candle me. 4 name hote .. open ..close… high. or low ….to hame ye clear kijiye zia. sir. ….plz….

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