CryptoDad’s Live Q. & A. Bitcoin Basics Hour: How to Move Bitcoin

TOPICS COVERED What is Bitcoin? What is Blockchain? What is hash? What is a bitcoin wallet? What is the difference between a …


  1. Hey crypto dad i had a difficulties in accessing site 2.5 years back you uploaded set of videos about anonymous operating system guide in that video you show a e-book named
    "A beginner friendly comprehensive guide to installing and using the safer anonymous operating systems "
    Now i buy a new laptop i need that guide man please help me
    I liked your content so much dad so can give me the link ???

  2. Sorry I missed you Rex.I think you're a great resource and I always do and if I can,,,,,Where did you get around your videos now and then I am keeping up the good work

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  4. Dusted…😝 Leave it to marketers/scammers to figure out how to get to decentralized world. Gets worst before it gets better. Aloha Rex.

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