CryptoDad’s Live Q. & A. Bitcoin Basics Hour: How to Move Bitcoin

TOPICS COVERED What is Bitcoin? What is Blockchain? What is hash? What is a bitcoin wallet? What is the difference between a …


  1. Nope, the more people get on the network the slower the network gets, there is a limit amount txid's that can be processed per block, so even with more miners wont help the protocol is limited, hence why we have bch,bsv…

  2. BTW Rex if I watched partially a vid on Youtube Chrome browser then watched the same vid on Brave clicking the like button does this still score BAT for the creator and viewer?

  3. Great analogy matching 39 BIP to the universal sand count. I feel much more at ease. Still wondering if the Bitfi hardware will be more usable when the masses enter this market. Masses mean more hackers changing the odds…not by much. See ya Friday. Mahalos Rex.

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