1. I recently discovered your channel, and in all honesty, I find everything you upload very helpful and full of useful information with no bs, not to mention the production quality. You deserve more subs and I’m sure you’ll grow a lot over time so please keep uploading!

  2. Crazy how you create this binary of dark vs light when corporations and governments are lacking transparency. Many criminals have written laws and they continue to do so. If you're getting into cyber, get in for the right reasons, don't be a corporation's slave. Edward snowmed by your definition would be a cyber criminal for whistleblowing. Is it ethical to hack corrupt politicians and corporations?

  3. This is great I been off the grid because I been studying but I'm here now. Great video thank you for the suggestion! Congrats on cracking 17.7k subscribers I'm going to keep going till we hit 1mil.

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