Cyber Crime Stories | My $17,793 20 (1.416 BTC) Crypto Hack Story & What I Learned (Rhodes, Greece)

In this video were going to do a Cyber Crime Stories Episode except I’ll be telling this story while I show you the hopefully scenic, home footage, from my Rhodes …


  1. This is a different style video compared to all my other videos. I hope the narration over silent footage helps put the situation into perspective. Don't dwell on the past too long because the only thing that can do is mess up the present and future. Try to learn as much as possible from the event so it's not a total loss and move on.

  2. Great video, Alex. 100% agree on the importance of uninterrupted thinking. For me personally, I try to take time at the end of each week to reflect and think of 'what brought me ease/challenge', 'what did i learn the most and how will i carry that lesson forward' and 'what do i want to improve/ make more time for next week'. Journaling helps to understand my thoughts more clearly.

  3. I don't know that I consciously take the time to think about things too much but I've definitely learned over time how to cope with loss, block out self pity, and just accept it. To focus on solutions not problems and the future not the past.

    Unrelated, but a book I once read by Bear Grylls called True Grit inspires me in these kinds of matters.

  4. Here's my comment on that taking time to just think about things. I as you don't do it enough but when I do, be in a quiet place and just think about the plan for the next few weeks as well as few months. just have a long-term Vision as well as some sort of short-term execution to get there. Day to day life does get in the way, so once in a while, take the time.

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