1. Always take profit. Those obnoxious green candles always retrace. Whatever your stable coin of preference take some profit. It will come down. Even if it's a small amount it's a no brainer way to build your portfolio. Even in the bull run, like he said dont bet the farm but it's an easy way to double small profits.

  2. yeah right… like every exchange is going to be hacked.. the biggest exchanges have security policies to pay back the customers.. binance is larger than coinbase.. just because it's in 'Chinese' hands could maybe make the Westerners afraid, but apart from that… what is 'safe'.. I'm not gonna send my tokens on his just developed wallet… safer than Binance? hum

  3. 17 million bitcoin is nothing compared to the world market economic system……there will be a stampede into bitcoin and i bet it gets all bought up ……and theres going to be alot of regrets out there

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  5. Please state prices. The dollar value of your identified activity points are not visible! “Sell here; buy here” is useless info when the price is neither identified nor visible.

  6. Please can you look at Apollo coin ! Is it a golden rocket or a poopy lead balloon ? I'm totally into it as a project but so much fud , I don't know if it's real ?????? Awesome guys !!! Totally awesome

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