Day In The Life With Successful Day Trader and CEO Kunal Desai (Full Documentary)

The official day in the life documentary video for successful day trader and CEO Kunal Desai. We spend a day with Kunal and get to learn his morning routine, …


  1. Most people remain poor because friends and relatives and advised them again investing and trading forex while the wise ones kept investing and growing higher financially.

  2. Is Fidelity going under?

    Watched this video, opened a fidelity account. Placed a $6000 trade, turned that into $9322 in 6 min. Next day fidelity closed my account and im having a difficult time getting my money. Instead of a success story, they want to kill me. Any advise? They claim fraud, but there is none. Im sending them a cert letter from my bank saying it was me that gave the $6000 from my bank under my name in my account! One option they said i can do is dispute the $6000, but i loose my profits!!! Is fidelity having money issues ?

  3. Most important thing about trading is making profit, whether you traded by yourself or you used a manager, the ends justifies it. I make use of a professional, Mr Williams, he has been very great, always making good profit for me weekly. His method is legit unlike the numerous scammers out there claiming to be professionals. You can reach him on Telegram willamsdevid1952 he is always available to support you..

  4. fucking shit, he cant trade. he know where he has to click at a platform. Iam a successful Fuzzytrader, and dont have any student. I will teach my boys and will make them great.

  5. Even if he rented cars and boats, I'm not rich enough to afford to rent or lease all those things he showed in his video..!! (So some what I believed he able to afford those things by trading) but Technical analysis is very easy if being ricj would be so easy then everyone would be rich why don't schools teach technical analysis if it really works..!!

  6. So many cliché ''wake up at the same time blah blah blah'' makes this questionable. If you're good at what you do then great. But the biggest thing that stuck out to me is that to become a good trader you don't have to pay a penny to learn (on courses anyway). The other thing is from what i've seen, a day in a life of a day trader is spent in front of a computer screen, not out in nice cars, restaurants, beaches and partying. Then again so far I have lost more than I made so what would I know about being a 'successful' trader.

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