Day Trading Bitcoin Explained And Visualized

a video of myself day trading and showing how to make some extra money by buying low and selling high! how to buy bitcoin litecoin and ethereum Social …


  1. hello im new on GDAX i have a problem i start with 40$ usd when i buy or sell my open order dnt filled i dnt know why it stay open all day and i have to cancel it can you help thanks

  2. Hej I need to ask how do I trade I do follow the guide but after I sent my NYC 100 us worth on coin base now I need to axess gdax but asking for registration again??? Indeed to ask also do u have advice I had over 50 btc at once but I got robbed so is it any way to get it back or just too bad for me I have the keys when I did purchase all from ATM btc atms in LA!? Thanks in advance!

  3. Whats your take on this,I missed LiveEdu ICO, they have just released their coin LEDU, any thoughts on the coin? I want to buy when dip

  4. Is it possible to change the display preferences?
    this guys screen displays both Price chart and the Depth chart,
    where as i have to switch between the two.
    thanks in advance !

  5. Hi Mr Sotko no doubt your videos are amazing but seems like my question is not answered. I want to buy 1BTC for EUR 8000 but don't wish to spend any more than 8700. What should be my limit price n what my stop price. Seems answered self but would like to hear your opinion. Seems like GDAX made changes to stop price. Previously it used to ask how much bitcoin you want to buy n for how many Euros n limit n stop price. But now it's asking how many Euros I wish to spend n my limit price n stop price n it's calculating quantity of bitcoins by itself unless your country has different. Very grateful for your reply. I need some help as I lost almost 2 BTC in trading my self with limit price function n missed Bull run. I need to recover n for that I need some help please.

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  8. Do you have any video that explains the order book with more details? When to buy or sell and how the numbers work. Thanks.

  9. Nice video, a couple of questions:

    1. How are you getting both the price chart and the depth chart underneath it to show simultaneously.
    In my GDAX, in the top right hand corner, just to the left of "Trade History", I can click "Price Chart" or "Depth Chart", but not both.

    2. Are you still using GDAX to trade?
    I have an account setup but haven't "completed my account" yet as it seems you can only trade 4 cryptocurrencies Vs USD/EUR. Ideally I'd like to be able to sell the likes of Feathercoin (which I actually mine) and then settle the trade in a different currency eg USD or EUR to take advantage of any currency swings taking place at the time.

    Are there any other places like GDAX where you can trade more that 4 crypto's against each other or is GDAX used as nicehash can send BTC to coinbase at low fees?

    I'm sorry there's a lot in there but I'd be interested in your opinion, cheers.

  10. Well good video man ya know how to explain your trades in simple language.👍 I've started on GDAX few week back holding out for a small return🤑. Q. Can you withdraw from Gdax straight back to bank account when verified..?🍀🍀

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