Day Trading on the 1 Min + 3 Min Charts – How Do You Do it?

Here we’re going to cover day trading 1-2-3 minute charts, and you’ll see an actual example of day trading. Also, you’ll get the full insight. You’ll see why the …


  1. Thanks for the info Sasha. I am still a bit unsure about the timeframe. I , like you, also believe in looking at larger timeframes to understand the trend. BUt for daytrading (not swing), between 1min, 3min and 5min, which do you think gives better (and more accurate) entry/exits?

  2. 1 minute is fun…for scalpers like me. 1 minute reduces risk of news/perception dropping your investment regardless of stock pattern you believe you have found. Look at higher time frame to establish trend, locate area of value, entry trigger is found in candelstick patterns. Every 100 shares earns you a dollar for every penny it moves higher. Its like a video game….reduce your risk by NOT buying overvalued crap like Facebook and Amazon and avoiding trash penny stocks. Find high volume ETFs in industrys on an uptrend but still a value like energy and financials.

  3. Hey Sasha , thanks for sharing valuable info. I tend to get confused on whether to use 1min or 2 (or 3min). I am scalper. Based on your experience, which timeframe has been most profitable for 10-30c scalps? FYI, i always look at 5 min and Daily chart to see the trend.

  4. I was just thinking about what am I going to do with my 3 year old when I start day trading? And you're absolutely right! Better to do something a little less stressful like play with my son and do options that don't require too much pampering. Its better to be a Family Man. Thank you and God bless you and your family Sasha!

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