Day Trading Strategy – 3 Simple Steps + Macd Giveaway + Bitcoin

Today I am Going To Teach a Day Trading Strategy- Plus get access to a Macd for Free Giveaway + Bitcoin My Chart Setup: 50 Period Ma plus Savy Macd Link …


  1. I believe that you need a twist on the technical analysis in order to make profit. This surely is a twist and I am sure that it works. Takes a lot of stopped outs, but as you say – sometime it works and then it is great.

  2. Thanks Casey. Great to see you trading in real time, sharing your entry strategy and your thought processes while the trade was in progress. Looking forward to see the curse that Tim is working on.

  3. Thanks Casey. That video was brilliant…I need to watch it a few times though as there was so much great content and learning. Btw look forward to the new training videos from Tim.

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