1. The current bitcoin bearish move is an indication for a high buy in. Unlike the halving where investors store up coin with the hope for a bullish price move, this is an avenue to trade under a well analyzed market. Most newbie investors are selling out coins because they feel the market is falling, while experts are buying bitcoins in large sum, because now is the best time to buy and trade, because a bearish market would always go bullish with time that's a fact. I have over time being opportune to be attached to traders, and of them all, Adam Jason Woodford has been an exceptional trader, I find his signals and strategies prolific, there are lots of expert traders on the market right now, get acquainted and trade rather than sell off your coin. I would recommend him to anyone who is willing to learn the art of trading, you can reach him on Whatspp: (+1 (941) 315 – 2765) and Telegram @AJason_Trade12 Don't sell! Trade!. Thank me later

  2. Hello I need some help to use deribit app: when I try to log in , the app asks me if I want to "log via qr code" or " api credentials". Someone could help me with that? Thanks

  3. Crypto Academy!! LOL. Idiots. If you don't care about OI you've just proven you don't know fuck all about trading. I bet you don't care about IV either huh? douche bag.

  4. No offence, but you need a native english speaker who can dumb this down and actually walk ppl through step by step with clear examples explained. It needs to be scripted too, not 'erm, er' every two seconds. This is pretty useless.

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