1. The Video is not bad, although the title is misleading. There is no explanation on how to develop a strategy to make profits whatsoever. The whole TA series does not help at all in making profits, or did i missed something?

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  3. Really thank you for the information. First time that I fully understand this bitmex strategy.
    If there is ever time, an strategy on how to use the "stop limit" option would be nice. This is what I missed in other video "How to SHORT/LONG Bitcoin Futures on BITMEX Tutorial"

  4. Great video, thanks! But #7 isn`t really applicable to exchanges that don`t support short-sell orders I mean that you can`t place take-profit and stop-loss orders at the same time on these exchanges (binance, bittrex, …).

  5. Winning is very simple but hard to do because people don't have patience or discipline. To win simply is to is buy low sell high..buy low doesn't mean buy this first dip on the day. Scroll out and look at the chart in terms of years to see where you are on the chart. Also, use stop losses just in case of black swan event.

  6. Man I love ur Videos …. & follow u on every uploads u makes . I have a Request , Can U make a Review on ……… Apollo Coin ( APL ) . I hope If Apollo have a gr8 Potential then Ur followers will get a good project as well through u !

  7. Hey sunny i have a stupid question….

    As i understand the btc price is going up only when people with much money buys it. and if they want to gain some fiat money then they sell and the price falls. How can we then say that btc is a good future payment if the price is falling so much all the time, its not stable. please am sorry for this stupid question but i have it on my head all the time maybe you can clear it out for me!

    And i love Btc i love that no banks are in the middle and i love that i can control it on my own. i am in it for the long term and i hope it will be a future payment System but i don't really see it now.

  8. DO NOT LEVERAGE TRADE. data shows that only 1% of those who do it make money. unless you are the best of the best you will get rekt. and the stress is not even worth it. i agree with sunny decree do not believe the paid VIP signals. if you have the market beeaten with certainty why would you sell the strategy for 20$ to other people an dnot just make money by yourself?

    leveraged trading is the devil. it is what rekt most of the people in all other markets not just crypto. its their way of manipulating the markets. no freaking sense you can even sell 42 million btc by leveraging. yeah how can an apple vendor sell 20 apples when he only has 10 apples? leveraged trading was invented to squeeze money from people.

  9. Hey Sunny, so I'm curious, when digitex comes out and they have no fees, you will be able to set up your trades like you showed us here and then let them sit until one or the other happens, right?

  10. Who would share their strategy instead of keeping it for themselves? The more people that you get in on a strategy, the more likely it is to succeed. So I think a lot of these group leaders are trying to get bigger moves by getting more people in on it. That has more of an effect on the market than if they just did it themselves. I still agree that most seem like a scam, but think of it from their point of view. They don't know what is going to happen so they are not predicting price moves. They are trying to create the price moves.

  11. Great vid man , would ot be possible for you to do a stop loss vid on binnance ? Id really like that ..an maybe the importance of learning the bart simpson phenomenon ,analysis

  12. I still remember when sunny was saying "TA seems not to work"… good you are intelligent and not ego driven.
    Keep up the good work!
    "The trend is your friend till the end of the trend" a good motto

  13. Regarding signal groups – If you could find a signal group that actually reveal how many members they have, then provide a way for you to communicate with any of its members as well as allow non members to examine photographic logs of the trade results the signals ? That would be great right!!!!!!!!! Let's FACE it, that would be a rare thing indeed! I guess seeing is believing right! All but one of these groups come on after the fact saying I posted these trades to my members. IF YOU ARE AS GOOD AS YOU CLAIM WHY NOT DO AN OPEN POST IN ADVANCE FOR ALL TO SEE TO PROVE YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU CLAIM? For example if you thought when BTC was at $3605 on Bitmex and your unique TA revealed it would spike to mid $3700 in the coming hours so you advised your members to enter at 3605 exit at 3720 but this time you published the vid openly so all could see the calls we get on the regular. This would demonstrate the authenticity of such a group. Well a group such as this does exist. AND it is a gem! But go find it yourself like I did!

  14. I have saw also that when you have an open position with leverage, that you can add additional xbt to the current contrat, and this will push the liquidation price at a bigger distance of your entry price

  15. Some technical explaination on take profit strategy woulb be epreciated too, like based on previous support and Resistance, based on fib level. Would you take profite of all your positions opened at the same prices, or would you split it at 2 or 3 differents prices.

  16. Hi sunny, can explain with more details, on Bitmex: limit stop loss, because sometime the stop loss is not filled. Same think for limit order, take profit, traling stop, also stop limit without close on triger. Because there is not a lot of good explaination on this. Thank you in advance. Good luck.

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