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  2. Give me a break you lieing piece of shit. "I like flat taxes because its easy." Guesswhat it's just as easy for you with the current system because you're accounts do your taxes.

  3. as a crypto nerd since the original satoshi white paper im pulling my hair out on this @21:00 THE ONLY REVOLUTIONARY THING ABOUT CRYPTO IS DECENTRALIZED TRUSTLESS CONSENSUS, all the details you are worried about like transactions volume or speed or whatever can be worked out in the wash thru various altcoins or bitcoin forks.

  4. Destiny Bit Coin isn't dominated by idiots. My friend works for a company that makes absurd amounts of money trading this kind of stuff. The CEOs are your classic 30 year old white males who fly their helicopters to rooftop parties and do blow. The market is not dominated by idiots.

  5. Oh my god, this guy is such a moron. In the UK, citizens don't file taxes, the government does it for us. You don't have to implement a flat tax–which would cause poor and middle class taxes to go up enormously–to no longer file taxes. Where do you find these idiots?

  6. Dude has no idea what flat tax is. Regardless sales tax only disproportionately affects those who earn less. Is dude really a multimillionaire, he doesnt seem to know math.

  7. What empirical evidence do they have to prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that just because of my physical location, the constitution and IRS tax laws apply, and that they have any jurisdiction over me or anyone, therefore making us "tax payers" with "taxable income" in the first place?

  8. I much more prefer this kind of chill discussion format over debates. This dude also seemed interesting to talk to. I'd listen more conversations with him.

  9. The guy who went to the dump looking for bitcoin throw away a hard drive on accident. He was an IT buy who mined them on his free time in the early years when they were worth cents. Now the wallet is worth $40 million i think?

  10. I live in japan and I've never seen anywhere with a sign saying we accept bit-coin. I mean they don't even have debit cards here, and half the stores don't accept ic-card payment (a kind of cash card).

  11. "Multi-millionaire"

    Okay, here's the thing… When I came into this video, I was thinking a multimillionaire as in a businessman, a very smart investor, things of that sort. Bitcoin babies/Crypto kids I have nothing against, but their wealth stems from luck and not really anything skillful. I saw a Reddit thread of some kid millionaire who just put some money into bitcoin and it took off. It was a single smart investment anyone could make. But these people, at least compared to other millionaires, offer very little intellectually and actually don't really know what they're talking about when it comes to finance, economics, and other fields. They pay other people to do it for them and because of it they offer not a lot for discussion.

  12. This guys is confusing Flat Tax with Consumption Tax. They are not the same idea. Flat Tax is taxing everyone at the same rate of income tax regardless of income bracket. Consumption tax is a national sales tax. These taxes incentivize/disincentivize different economic activity.

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