1. I’m new to cash app. When I try to add money from my debit card, I tried from $1 to $500, it says transfer failed. I was able to successfully add $100 yesterday after trying multiple times but today,

  2. nice video. what is example of out of the ordinary transactions? cashapp has withdrawal limits on their platform. if I stay within those limits, should I still be worried?

  3. I want to purchase Bitcoin and send it to a friend s wallet, just a one-time transaction under $700 bux, will this be an issue?

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  6. This seems so shady. Imagine depositing money in your bank. Try to purchase something with your debit card and its declined. Call the bank and they say " sorry, it's in our terms of service to block purchases with your money". I'd assume they stole my money and are useing it to prop up there business (or app).

  7. Crypto isn’t regulated in USA not anywhere else in the world. So you can trade it as much as possible. However STOCKS are regulated and you’ll be labeled as a day trader if you trade over 5 times per week.

  8. thanks for your video. i see many people saying it's not safe to "store large amount" bit coin there, but if you have your id verified and secure account, finger print and all- what's the problem? who's gonna steal it?

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