Don't Upgrade Crypo Hopper Trading Bot Until You See This

In this video we talk about the automation trading bot called crypto hopper where I dive into how I’m changing my subscription and how I can hopefully help save …


  1. Autoview for the price leaves CH in the dust, 4.99 per exchange per month with signals from Tradingview that will make you a better trader you will have to pay for trading view

  2. Has anyone tried Arbitrage (only on Kangaroo)? I assume you would want money on two different exchanges for that, but would that mean 2 Kangaroo hoppers?

  3. You actually are able to have different candle sizes for individual pairings, it must be set up through the backtesting tool. When you find the setting you like, deploy it and the candle size is saved and applied to the selected coin.

  4. think you are probably right about using the bunny trial. I will probably use the bunny on another exchange but keep hare open on binance. thanks for the info and let's make a "shitload of money"!

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