Draft bill Proposed 10 Year Jail For Holding Crypto!

In this video we have done a thorough analysis of the Bloomberg Quint article on crypto. The video has been made in consultation with Mohammed Danish …


  1. Present government may give declaration of legality of crypto imposing gst. This Government has modern thinking about digital marketing strategy and many more than previous government. So don't worry.

  2. your content is very good sir. another things i would like to inform you that RBI cuts charges for RTGS, IMPS. So is RBI feared about cryptocurrency and i think they know cyrpto is unstoppable, so they start their free service, hence we know that banks collect lot of money by issuing RTGS and IMPS. PLEASE THINK ABOUT .

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  4. Bro i am from Pakistan
    Our third world so called govt politician dont want us to make good money
    Its better to sit with these culprits and read their mentality….
    In india politician also cant see someone jump from poor line to mediocre line …

  5. इस तरह की खबर फैला कर मार्केट में भय फैलाकर लोगो को डराना चाहते है, डरे नही सब ठीक होगा जैसा हमलोग चाहते है

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