Earn Over 20% Annual Interest – Full Crypto.com Review and Guide to Staking

Use referral code [ 6xy9cpcjy4 ] to get $50 for free if you stake 1000 CRO or more and get a metal crypto.com debit card. Use the same code in their Exchange …


  1. Hey denome., what is staking ? I mean I have 155 cro bought it yesterday but having doubt that its in wallet @app so will it pay me a interest ? in (earn) ? And for card we need to buy and hold 1000 cro so will I earn on it?

  2. Hi great videos on Crypto.com finding them very useful be nice one day when they can integrate the exchange into the phone app my question is the daily interest you get from your stake and earn program as well for the trade of Cro in the syndicate for the discounted crypto how do you keep track of them for tax purposes your rules are probably different from mine in Australia but I’m pretty sure the interest and transaction with the Cro would count as a capital gains tax here. It would get super messy keep track of the gains and losses of so many small amounts. As well as the interest from staking does that go back into the app or stay in the exchange? Thanks

  3. Hello Denome, regarding re-staking the staking rewards. On the exchange it is a minimum of 10,000 CRO staking. i just read your article and it sounded like you could stake any amount of CRO?

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