1. Have you got any videos on where a complete beginner to bitcoin or other crypto currencies would start? Or links to videos which can help? I'm tempted to put 100quid down on something but I wouldn't know where to begin and I can only afford to lose a small amount if it went wrong

  2. HELP! What stocks to trade with only a $65–$80 dollars to start with. I dont even have a hundred! penny stocks or Bitcoin ? what to do what to do. And the Buy/Sell Order form is Much complicated. Some platforms like Binance has something that says Risk% Manual, and Qty. i really dont get the Risk and Qty. part. Help! answer these important questions! im stuck on these areas

  3. this strategy for buying and selling that you show dear cryproxposed is so reasonable but are you aware of and considering the commission every time we buy and selling? we have to pay to binance for ever trade right ?

  4. One other problem: The order book and market depth are not very helpful, partly because of bots, but also because most limit orders stay there waiting for the price to move. If price of a coin is X, there might be 1000 buying orders, that are waiting for a drop in price to be closed, while there might be 100 sellers that are placing just market orders. Hence, while the sellers will start sending the price down, all those limit orders will get completed, but the price will keep going down no matter what. What I am saying is that 90% of all the price movement is decided by instant trades, and this makes the order book not very helpful. Anyway thanks for the insight, I will check this AVL Indicator.

  5. Cool name.
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  6. Your videos are amazing and have so much needed info……i recently subscribed to your channel i know watch all your video when I wake up…..thanks again

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