Economist Reveals HORRIFIC Future Economy. Legendary Trader Dumps Stocks, Talks Bitcoin. JPMorgan 🙀

Chief Economaist at Allianz, Mohamed El-Erian sits down and gives the hard facts about the upcoming economy future and it is NOT good. Trader who called …


  1. Big shift -transfer of wealth, rich get richer – the middle class workers unemployed, can't by cryptocurrency like bit coin. Families struggling to barely sustain life. The balance is needed, in my view, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS and not $7.00 an hour either. We've entered the electronics age, most are not prepared for huge shrinkage, their jobs suddenly gone, layoffs, downsizing, automation, 5G lifestyle, etc. If you're able to get started as an entrepreneur, you need buyers, capable of spending on something other than necessities, toilet paper. So where's the plan for some prosperity for the thousands – drivers for trucks., clerking offices, medical support staff, etc. to support their families? Oh, socialism will take care of all that and Bernie Sanders is there to open the gate. Better yet, let's gather together in communities, grow some victory garden(s), share, compassion, love, prayers to help each other. Why not get back to the truth: IN GOD WE TRUST, ALL ELSE ARE LIES, we've gone the gammat. Take personal responsibility to humble ourselves, pray to our Creator [Father/mother, Source] and receive the unconditional love awaiting us to heal our wounds and our earth. God bless

  2. if the economy gets really bad we can always (a) stop letting banks charge interest on money they've created out of nothing & (b) take back the land stolen from Us by the ancestors of the aristocrats who have it now. then houses will cost 1/4 of what they do now – as will government spends like bridges – & our economy will be as healthy as f**k

  3. JPMorgan says not to buy bitcoin, but they made their own crypto… JPM coin. Jamie Dimon speaks against it because it threatens his business. Meanwhile, JP Morgan just took on Coinbase as a client…. hmmmmmmm. Why would they do that? Well, they are in the business of making money. Obviously they see coinbase being their client as a good revenue in the future. Guess what that means? They know whats coming. If you have paid attention to crypto and JPM the last couple years then you should know by now to almost do the opposite of what JPM suggests…

  4. At 19:50 you say that miners will sell off because of the halving reducing the supply of new bitcoins. That would be true if miners paid their electricity bills in bitcoin. They pay them in local currency, like dollars in the US. The halving will reduce supply while demand goes up. That will drive up the price of Bitcoins in dollar terms. Each coin they mine will be worth MORE dollars. They will likely hold their Bitcoin as much as possible in order to gain as much value as possible.

  5. Always trust the big banks and the bankers….they only have out best interests at heart. Being a banker is a true calling in life. They sacrifice so much to help mankind. It's time we honor them.

  6. I'm worried about BTC in the short term. If the economy takes a huge dump, people are going to be selling everything they can to pay their bills, and that will likely include cryptocurrency. For a period of time, cash is probably going to be king again.

  7. Bro , no offense , i'm not a economy specialist, but u don' t even know about the previous crisis how much the gdp retracted but ur here putting all this videos predicting of what might happen..

  8. Bitcoin is a trojan horse for faking the gold standard in the same way fiat currency defrauded everyone not in the business of printing money. Bitcoin is a hedge, but a dangerous one as it takes an already shady world of finance gives it an opening to hide more of it's illegitimate working. The powers that be want nothing more than a digitized currency to manipulate in an open ended fashion. It cannot be managed equitably with society but rather takes society and keeps it locked out of true finance. Gold only works for the 1% as will anything can be used as a hedge. The economy is broken and needs to pay for it's mistakes and open the way for wealth to create wealth for everyone equally. Otherwise you are looking at the earths new owners, squatters beware.

  9. So companies will disappear, like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Berkshire, Pfizer, BP, ? Don’t think so, buy stocks from solid companies that produce goods, those will survive, value will remain

  10. Yeh sure- as if DARPA, NSA couldn’t disappear your imaginary coin, in your imaginary wallet. Just like they liquidated a pest like Jeffrey Epstein. Don’t think your kidding anyone with your false sense of security.

  11. Bitcoin is generally not considered legal tender. Government can make it illegal and make it disappear at any time. EMP could make it all disappear. RISK is extremely high. Investing in a fictional digital asset is a fools game. It only exists in somebody's computer and in the minds of those foolish people who believe in it. Have fun playing Russian roulette, you know how the game ends.

  12. Hello I just watched and thought I would give my comment. I am a new trader. I am so new that one week before the first crash cause by covid was my welcome to trading. First I dont trade bitcoin because I feel like theirs nothing to back it up and thatsall I am going to say their. Now what I think about the future of the marcket is basically anyones guess. Even one of the guessed said nothing is reacting like it should. I believe their are many many reasons for this and I think one of the big ones are apps like Robinhood and 2 other major trading companys are following the same path as robinhood. I think that has open the door to people who other wise would not have been on the marcket and now are and thats just one.Another commicattions have never been better in human history..I think a few years from now when they look at this and find out why it is reacting the way it is and we are just not seeing it..I think the marcket is going to hold out and I have been debating pulling out but I figured I made it threw all the crashes and the are paid for so if I am wrong then their just gone I will still be fine, but if I am right then its going to be really nice and a good year in the marcket…Thanks for letting me speak be safe all

  13. simple. BTC has 30-40 billion USD LOST in BTC… thats the floor (128 bucks if everyone walks away at once) three tops from 30, 1100, 19k(AVG MEAN 10,343, we just got rejected there lol) In TA this is called a Secular wave 1 . Also, from a TA of Three Drives Up (look up my trading view i got ideas , plans for every market, including the corona dive, predicted in feb 2019 without the black swan, its a coupe) I buy BTC, just to short it. So, I have all my BTC on Bitseven im all in, SHORTING that is. As long as you follow the .5 retracement rules on the 1 hour you will always win. 😀 Until we step away from display props (tokens) and start making shoes (nike) or some kind of product(tsla) and rev cash this market has ZERO FUND-a-mentals. I cant help but stress the idea of FA(fundamentals) I hear traders and investors throw this term around like a loose jargon grammar-off, sticking to traditional definition of FA, if you do not know what this is, in short, it means MONEY, and to know if any company has any form a rev you ask, does this company make money…so do that with the cyrpto market… sad buy true XRP the only one rolling the dice. Sure you have some making chump change but its not going to prop up 10k or 24k btc unless there is actually FUNDs. Besides no product just service of product (commission fees) is the only source of revanue these exchanges have.

  14. Am not an expert on these things but my opinion is that, the reason bitcoin will do better than all the other cryptocurrency is the same reason Facebook still remained the most preferred social media platform in its early days even though the was hundreds of copycats it's a numbers game, any first time investor in cryptocurrency probably still assumes bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency in the world.

  15. If all these experts knew what they were talking about there would never be any problems because they would solve them but the fact is they are guessing and no more expert than you are.

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  17. Two years ago I sold every stock and closed out my 401K then turned it into metals. I no longer use a bank for anything because my father and mother were taken for everything in the great depression by the bankers. Every cent in their savings accounts and lock box were taken by the IRS and owner of the bank then the banks closed. My father was a doctor who had to sign up and go off to war just to feed us. My Uncle died of starvation trying to find work. I was raised on goat milk and what Americans have forgotten is "7 MILLION Americans DIED from STARVATION " and these SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER COMMUNISTS are doing it again to the world. SELL EVERYTHING and hide it them buy a GUN !!

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