Email Password Hacked Bitcoin Ransom Blackmail

Received an Email Claiming that Hackers have your Video Recording of you Watching Adult 18+ Websites? Don’t Panic. It’s a SCAM and Watch this Video for …


  1. I got two similer emaisl today. 2 days ago my email password was not working and then i changed my password. They have my that password. Mentally i am very disturb. What can i do?? Please advise…

  2. I got this scam but in text form. On my phone, with my name. Talk about nerve racking. I not on Facebook or Instagram. I guess they are using cell phone # also. Those CREEPS!

  3. Have received 2 texts in last three days, named my password from my dormant FB account, not my active one. Said I was watching porn and activated my camera to video me doing a self action. Will send it to 9 people on my account, unless I send $3k to them in Bitcoin within 3 days or they will embarrass me by sending the video to 9 friends. How did they get my phone number or text and password to my dormant account? I deleted that FB account, and changed my passwords on my active FB and emails. Would this be sufficient?

  4. I'm sitting in front of an adult website now!
    Her name is Candi, at least I think it is.
    Her name and everything else is upside down at the moment.
    Well sideways now, no wait upside down again. Yah, I think its Candi.
    But seriously, what do I have to worry about, I'm an evangelical Christian and my God will protect me whilst I sit here waxing my……….
    Oooooooohhhhhhh cRap!
    I gotta go!!!

  5. My email account has been blocked as it (network) was compromised, hacked. They want me to get it fixed by a network specialist by paying $250. Will I be safe if I prefer not to recover the account. I can go for other email services with new password.

  6. I got two of these in the last week I know they were scams. . Sender threaten me that he was going to put stuff on my Facebook page. Well the joke's on him because I don't have a Facebook page. These people can go fan their ass I'm not falling for their shenanigans.

  7. I received same this kind of email on April 8 and they ask to send money within 24 hours but I didn't reply, than with different I'd they sent another email after 1 week again I didn't pay any attention then next day one and 1 after that , every time 24 hours time notice to send money by bitcoin..I continually ignored them and they stopped. Just writing this comment to help other ppl.

  8. I got the same type of email today and was panicked at first. Plus, they sent me threatening message and asked money via my work outlook mail so, I lost myself and responded unconsciously. Is it gonna make more damages to me? Can anyone please answer me since I feel so terrible now?

  9. I got an email with the title saying “You’ve been HACKED” and the topic of it was the same as the one shown in the video. Should I worry because this is the first time I get one.

  10. last night the confirmation of 9btc i got from hacker holly proffs to me that bitcoin hack exist. i will forever be grateful and appreciate your services .reach TOPUPBTC566 at IG and benefit

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