Ep. #224- Cryptocurrency For Dummies: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Bitcoin

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  1. And why would I want to invest in a virtual CASINO???? Ingenious, but no thanks. Way tooooo volatile. Sounds more like a board game online. LOLOLOL

  2. I don't get why would anyone use 3rd party or an outsider to verify transactions? It is like giving away people private data to 3rd parties. Why don't the owner of the transaction uses their own system /computer to verify it?

  3. Dude this makes zero sense to me. It's like because some one can solve an algorithm faster they get the bitcoin? Why would anyone outside this gaming community want to exchange a good or service for it? It's like if someone gave me a magic playing card after mowing their lawn when I don't play the game and see no value in it because im not apart of that community. The only explanation is that this community is soo huge that there are enough people within it that are willing to exchange something tangeable for it. Which is still crazy because the bitcoin itself is seems like a trophy. They win it by earning it. You dont really earn the satisfaction or pride by trading for one. Call me dense, but I just don't get it. This guy didn't break it down into fundamentals very well.

  4. Thank you for your effort in explaining cryptocurrency.I am a little more knowledgeable now than I was.I think I will just stick to gold much less confusing.. and its real and I can hold it.

  5. @CryptO, I am wondering if all the power (electricity ) to mine, solve the problem and make the block, is deducted before the value of a bitcoin is arrived at? If not, then there is still the same need for Fiat.

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  7. Cryptocurrency kinda proves how useless money is. I'm still not understanding how a computer solving a math problem first makes an individual, or group of individuals, worth more. I can fling poo further than you. Does that make me more valuable? Forgive my snarkiness but this process is not entirely sinking in. :-/

  8. Went to check out the Jaxx Wallet and just this past week there has been "vulnerability" where people reported over $400k funds stolen lol….

  9. Thanks man, you are really great at explaining the different dimensions around the cryptocurrencies and the technology behind it (blockchain). Looking forward to more from your channel. May I ask, do you have a very IT/technological/financial/mathematical background? Do you think any of the latter is needed to be good at understanding and trading cryptocurrencies or is a do & learn it yourself approach enough to become good at trading these new currencies?

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