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  1. Despite the multi faceted promise of crypto for all people of the world. All these wonderful services and solutions for "the people of crypto" . All priced in dollars….excluding 60 to 80% of the GLOBAL crypto community. Do you just cater for first world crypto ? That's how crypto empowers …haha.

  2. You see it the wrong way (check bitcoin trading pracitce channel expalining it well – social 'sentiment') -> the metioning on the social media go up – then you know that the price will go down soon; the mentions go down (or sentiment is negative – bearish) -> by buying at the bottom of it,… you have guaranteed profit, cause it will start going up… (so the totally opposite way you're explaining it)

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  4. I see great leads to invest oftne but in the cryto world the hardest part is buying it. It always seems like most tokens cant be bought if you live in the states. The alerts you get from the service are for tokens you can buy easily here in the states? If not do they give you the info on where to invest in those tokens as well?

  5. Ahhh. So since Etoro said its not being manipulated, thats obviously the truth, right? Its not as if those involved would ever lie to protect themselves. That would be immoral.

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