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    Introduction- 0:00

    Two Main Topics – 0:23

    Academy Growth- 4:20
    Market Overview- 6:20

    Webinar reminder- 7:17

    Golden cross analysis- 9:00

    Puell multiple glassnode analysis- 12:11

    Fundamental growth- 13:20

    Reason China invest in Africa- 15:00

    Reason Bitcoin is important- 16:10

    Stimulus check & UBI policy – 18:00

    Bitcoin difficulty decreases – 21: 40

    Industrial revolutions- 23:00

    Baseline protocol- 23:30

    Data privacy protocol- 25:10

    How the protocol works- 26:20

    Github open source ecosystem- 28:10

    The use case of the protocol- 31:50

    Competition problem of supply chain protocol- 33:00

    Kevin Kelly idea- 36:00

    BlockFi leaking- 37:00

    Q&A- 38:00

    Q1- technically possible for two forked chains to merge together for whatever consensus reasons? 38:40

    Q2- thoughts on stable coins as an alternative to bank deposits? 39:20

    Q3- Cashback standard? 43:00

    Q4- Microsoft's recent patent to mine crypto using human energy. Microchip in our body? 44:10

    Q5- What ALT will benefit most out of baseline protocol? Unibright?? 45:40

  2. I'm sure Ethereum is gonna big very big and will go to 10 k and above… Because Real estate is coming to Ethereum through tokenisation… I'll have the chance seeing and using it as I'm investing in real estate. Also Stocks, investment funds, hedge funds are also going on Ethereum and that's will be huge revolution as will become possible to trade 24/7, buy fraction of a share without restrictions of location anymore.. And imagine if Forex moves to Ethereum! Buy ETH!!

  3. From Mr Patrick Sanchez I have found out a strategy through which I can gather Etherum make trades with it earn profits from the trades as we wait for the blowing of from Ethereum coin

  4. About the ideas for free: that's the whole description and the power of open source, and the reason it is not understood, and the reason it's pumping so rapidly. Cooperation is the biggest power of mankind.

  5. I don't get why they are creating debit cards, I just don't. Most Americans already have debit or credit cards or bank accounts. Just send them your shit money that you print every second.

  6. The more I think about the long term, the more I'm skeptical and my belief starts to decrease. In 15-20 years it won't be Bitcoin, nor Ethereum, not any of this slow blockchain thing. It will be something a lot better. But yea, you can make some money until then with them. 🙂

  7. Yesterday there were 10k users across all etherum dapps
    Hardly a world revolution after 5 years
    Also the gas price unpredictability makes it less likely use for business

  8. The price of bitcoin remain unstable after a significant update to the network on which it is based, i started trading at $8,743.91, and got 2 btc a fall of $105.09, or 1.2 per cent. This is a relatively small price movement for the notoriously volatile digital currency. Digital currencies have no physical form and exist only as strings of computer code. Bitcoins are the most popular and the most widely traded, with 18.4 million in circulation together worth about $161 billion.
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  9. Incase the golden cross failed, and the market does not move in the direction of majority, KoinPro is always there to protect my asset and limit my exposure to risk and fatal loss.

  10. TBX is having a trading contest stating May 25th! 1 million TBX prize! Good luck! Go grab it! Only 16 million total out. If this project takes off, watch out!

  11. Established in 2017, the Slovenian company 4thpillar technologies Ltd. (i.e. 4THTECH) aims to address the problem of blockchain eDelivery (i.e. document exchange) and provide an option for blockchain address ownership verification.

    4THTECH infrastructure reportedly consists of four finished blockchain-based products; (1) FOURdx (i.e. document or file exchange protocol/eDelivery); (2) FOURid (i.e. digital identity verification mechanism); (3) 4THTECH ADD-ON (i.e. Google Chrome extension with the build-in document or file exchange); (4) FOUR-TOKEN (i.e. main value and “GAS”), and; (5) HI-WISE (i.e. hardware & mobile wallet).

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