1. how can i pay money to to buy plexcoin is it bitcoin payment with blockchain or any other payment methods 🙂 and King bitcoin doubler i m really very serious to buy 1700+ plexcoins if plexcoin is real cryptocurreny and website which will give amazinggggggg profit….so i might to know with you that plexcoin is real or scam … if i buy plexcoins and they are saying the plexcoin price will be raised by 1.76$ so it will be mulitiplied by 1054% with your bought plexcoin….and how can i withdraw that money like blockchain or btc wallet or any other methods and how can i bought plexcoin with website is it bitcoin payment with bitcoin wallets or visa card payment or any other payment methods please answer me all of the questions dear please…. i will love to get information with you 🙂 please

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