Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Trading Sports Cards | #AskGaryVee 333

If you are deep in the sports card world or just starting to get interested and want to learn more, this is the perfect video for you. Gary did an epic 2.5 hour live …


  1. Gary, what are your thoughts on minor league baseball rookie cards? They are generally much more rare than the mainstream topps/bowman cards. I own the 2010 DAV Mike Trout psa 10. Super low pop, beautiful card, but price doesn't seem to be comparable to Topps or Bowman rookies. Why is that?

  2. If the MIAMI HEAT knock off the LAKERS this year, TYLER HERRO cards are through roof and into the stratosphere!!! What Luka cards did the last year will be a mild by comparison. I sold all my LUKA, KAWHI, LEBRON, DAVIS, BRADY, TROUT etc. I'm betting the farm on this 20 year old marvel. Look for returns of 10X-50X on his Silver Prizms and Optics!!!

  3. Great info but alittle too much profanity ( and I’m an ex sailor) but u got to do what U got to do ….I have these quarter 90% silver coin cards from 2013 topps heritage of Trout and Harper …. they are numbered 1 of 5 thru 5 of 5 on each …they aren’t booked in the Beckett and they are extremely RARE – a lot of collectors are unaware that these cards even exist … any interest on your part?

  4. WOW, watching this just now and I recognized my voicemail voice LOL. 1:02:30 I’m Alex btw Gary. I appreciate you reaching out and love watching your sports cards content. I have a huge passion for basketball cards and I’m buying/selling basketball cards now. Happy to find a way to make some income with one of my true passions in life. Thanks Gary!

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