Explosive Ichimoku Renko Trading Strategy (How To Swing Trade Stocks Like A Samurai)

Discover the power of cloud trading and add these techniques into your ichimoku cloud strategy or in your swing trading strategies. Ichimoku cloud indicator mt4 …


  1. When you say 10 points you mean 0.10cents or 10.00$? I'm assuming 10 cents per brick. As a long time renko user myself its nice to see others finally seeing the merits of this. Intersting thing is ive been using a 34ema for years. its the same as the cloud

  2. god you are simply awesome.i downloaded all your videos and watching them one by one.for renko what traditional box size you use in tradingview.

  3. the only thing that stop me using this method is the fact that you use renko on tradingview, which is not accurate at all really… I use mt4 renko chart from ovo.cz and it is totally different… on tradingview the trend seems like very very strong but it's not

  4. Great video, thank you for sharing. One thing I always critique for any trading strategy is the accuracy of the signals and what their error rate is. I want to point out one potentially failed trade that the presenter did not discuss, which is in the range-bound chart at 9:38. Based on the rules at 5:38, we enter short when (1) a new red Renko bar appears below the kumo (fyi, "kumo" aka "雲" means "cloud" in Japanese so for those who speak Japanese, it sounds redundant to say "kumo cloud"), (2) the kumo is red and wide, and (3) the lagging span is below the kumo. For those who are looking for an entry, in the chart at 9:38, these criteria are met in late May 2018 when the price bounces downward right under the red kumo. This fits a short setup because (1) a new red Renko bar appeared below the kumo; (2) the kumo is red; and (3) looking left to where the lagging span would be–around March 2018–it is also below the kumo (the only criteria that is arguably not completely met is that the kumo is not very wide, but in previous setups at 6:19, 6:22, 7:40, 7:54, and 8:18, the kumo was thin or almost flat and we still took the trade, so we should discuss all setups with consistency). This entry actually would give us 4 new red Renko bars so if we take profit there, it's fine, but if we are hoping for the downtrend to continue, we'll either break even or get stopped out in June 2018.

    The reason I mention this is because traders should be aware of bad signals, and it's easy to think a trading method works well when we have a "good" chart to look at, but in real time if we were trading this chart and looking for an entry, unfortunately this confirmed signal would not have worked well. BUT, with that said, it is good that the video creator also discusses specifically why else we might not have taken this trade: (1) immediate history of lagging time span through the kumo, and (2) recent frequent kumo color changes. These filters can and should influence our expectations vis-à-vis whether to enter and for our take-profit target if we do enter. In light of these rules, this asset was untradable with this strategy from May 2017 until August 2018, just to give an idea how long it may take to get a setup. Also, there is actually one more trade setup at the far right of the chart at 9:38 when the last upward bounce gives us a green bar that is above a green kumo and the lagging indicator is also above the kumo. We don't see if that one would have finally resulted in a respectable trend, but we would probably want to treat it the same way we treated the other trade I pointed out, and for the same reasons.

    Anyway, thank you for the great video and for anyone who wants to use this, make sure to see what conditions it works in, when it is problematic, and think about how you want to use the overall price movement to inform your entry and exit points. Happy trading!

  5. Renko charts repaint so what you see could not be trade it on real time… ichimoku its not difficult, tenkan and kijun are key factors you do not consider

  6. Hey! quick question, @7:13 you advise against going long cause Kumo cloud is still red but are we not supposed to look at the cloud which is forming 26 bars ahead which is already green? I am a newbie so if I made some mistake, please point out. Thanks for great vid. subscribed.

  7. Hello My dear, first of all thank your for your video, I am facing problem with Lagging span cause always behind the current price so i cant detect if it is over or under the price, how we could solve this problem please

  8. This is a brilliant Strategy! I've been testing it for a few days in lower time frames (as Renko charts don't actually take into account time, but only Price Action, I mean that I usually use this strategy with Renko Bars of 10-20 points, depending on the market and my risk aversion) So I think is also good for Scalping. And it ussually works well with a 1-2 and even a 1-3 ratio.
    I do add a 200 EMA so I can trade mostly just in the direction of the EMA, and it helps me also to filter choppy zones, where the EMA is flat.

    Awesome video man, Keep it up!
    I love your videos about other kinds of charts. Would you make one video about Tick charts?

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