Exposing a BITCOIN SCAM (We signed up for FAKE COVID-19 RELIEF FUNDS)

Watch this video to the end to see this entire bitcoin scam exposed. This scammer wanted bitcoin payment to secure our (fake) Covid-19 relief funds. Become a …


  1. 15:09 you're gonna report a bitcoin address? you guys really are clueless about bitcoin, lol
    looks like that address received 0 transactions. either a failed scam or way more likely a 1 off address for each person.

  2. I got bitcoin scammed through Snap chat recently. Some guys had already scammed my friend, so they used her account to text me if I wanted to invest into bitcoin, ofc I said yes because it was my “friend” texting. They said the needed my Snapchat username and email so the broker could verify it was my money that was about to get flipped. Basically I was gonna pay 300$ and the bitcoin would flip it to 1,000$ back to my account. I fell for it. I gave them my information and they wanted the money sent to a number which I sent it too. Later I realized I couldn’t get back to my snap chat because they had changed everything since they had my information so I loath my snap chat with all me my memories and friends and I lost money. I texted my friend later and she told me she had gotten her account hacked. I had to make a new one and lost my mind sadly. But never fall for things like this

  3. I just sent you a message on earlier video, however I cannot find your email address. I am a subscriber and Eman contact with a Nigerian scammer, who needs help. Please reply ASAP!!!!!!!!
    Hes willing to help you find out more about him and the people he works for because they are MAKING him do this. Please help guys!!
    My email is…aprilshwrz2013@gmail.com

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