Facebook की Libra Cryptocurrency क्या है? Bitcoin vs Libra which one is better? Current Affairs 2019

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  2. Guys in short…….libra is a trap for democracies all over the world……it is creating a RBI like central bank owned by private companies which are not answerable to public at all….and it will control money supply all over the world……therefore if ppl adopt libra in big way our next generation or we ourselves in our 50+ age will be under hightech monarchy n democracies will collapse due to not having control over their economic system……..this is facebook waging a battle of plassey against democratic governments ……..FOR GOD SAKE DO NOT EVER USE LIBRA……IT A HONEYTRAP

  3. If you wanna learn more about blockchain first just believe the fact that libra is not a proper Cryptocurrency it's centralized which is against the fundamentals of Blockchain.

  4. Don't trust Facebook , people trust crypto currency cz they are not centralised , libra will be controlled and rigged by higher authorities , so it's meaningless to use it ! It's the same like reserve Bank currency

  5. Libra and several other companies will make their own cryptocurrency but all will be alternative of Bitcoin so don't buy any of them just hold Bitcoin.
    Guys there will be only three thinks in the world to exchange for any goods & services that's gold silver and Bitcoin.

  6. Thank you prashant sir for making this video to educate people on cryptocurrency I am working in cryptocurrency since 2015 most of the Indians think cryptocurrency will not work I am trying to convince people that future of money will be cryptocurrency only I suggested our family friends to hold 1 Bitcoin till 2022 from 2015 at the price of below 300 dollars.

  7. Good review, but I entrusted my money to PRIZM cryptocurrency. Make a review for this currency and tell about paramining, which multiplies money. I believe that this is the best currency of the 21st century.

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