1. you are absolutely right mate. trade the shit out of it, cash out and follow the trend and never hold any alts . in 2 to 3 weeks from now they´ll be worthless. and DONT forget to take profit
    things are going to be repeated again and again

  2. Well I listened to the video you referenced and that guy clearly does not understand crypto (‘not your keys not your crypto’ just sayin) and if you wanna talk fraud and manipulation then take a look at the Fed increasing the M2 money supply! But it’s always good to listen in on differing views so thanks for your content James.

  3. I'm in good position, so I not risking the farm but I would rather lose then miss the ride, it so many changes in this market then years ago, but who know what will happen but I will be here for the ride. Good or bad ain't nothing worse then the last 2 bear market unless the market completely crash which something big would happen like cryptocurrency get banned from all country

  4. #cryptocommensense I rewrote this like 3 times. But honestly I think your 100% right in the aspect Bitcoin can do 100 different things. Also IMO if anyone and I mean anyone makes it to where you either have to defend yourself or anyone else defends you then whoever it is just should not watch your videos. (So I was shocked ppl keep watching if they don't want a different perspective.) I appreciate videos and since the video I mentioned like a few times where you explain risk reward compounding really good that was the 1st one I saw I have watched since. The outlook you have and trading style you have I like. No I haven't traded in awhile. Which I'm not gonna get into why on here. But I tried contacting you on Twitter but it wouldn't let me message you. So I went the other route to your other site and answered the 2 questions to join. (I'm sure you know which I'm talking about. But message me because I'd like to talk to you.) But thanks for the info and the completely different outlook and not like hit the like every 2 minutes or having commercials every 3 minutes or saying BTC moon this week etc. You know what I mean I'm sure you watch other videos.

  5. My main man James! Trying to short since 7600 breakout after an inverse H&S bottom! Still bearish after closing a higher high on the weekly? Not sure why you are bearish still, shorting should be removed from your dictionary until we show signs of breakdown (well scalps are fine i guess). MATIC is a clear pump and dump shitcoin (clear manipulation).
    I really love how transparent you are with your losses and trades! Thank you for that. Very rare that a youtuber says that. How is your neck doing?

  6. Robinhood isn't free they just charge more for their stocks. With a variable rate everything looks good. I think you're looking at bitcoin from a one sided perspective. The jordan video took place after the November 2018 dumpster fire when everything was crashing so times were very bearish. I agree we could see an extended bear market but no one person holds all the cards nor can any one person call all the shots. If bitcoin is history then tell us what technology beat it out? You can't….. I'm not shaken out of my positions until the charts show me that I need to hit the door!

  7. it will dump real hard, it is just a matter of time till tether goes bust. Jordan is not wrong neither is buffet. everyone knows these pumps are propped with hot air. we never learn.

  8. Woah, didn't know that you're waiting for the recession. Good luck with that, even the multi-millionaires are waiting for it to happen. Anyway, wish you had included in the vid the picture you posted in the group about ETH which was the 3-day chart, it really is looking like a hidden bearish divergence trying to form.

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