1. Thank You very much for your videos, one observation
    to me you are paying to much attention to the news, tweeter and other media, You use to have better opinion and I will said very accurate opinion about the market just by you doing the analysis and lately I notice you been off, is not You anymore like You use to approach the market and I think is the poison of news and people back and forward, I guess to much noise. Do not get me wrong is what I can see out of your videos lately and Thank You for the daily content You put out, You are one f the few have an honest opinion about the market most of the time.

  2. Amazing how you are still leaning bearish. most moving averages are splayed out, Alts are very bullsh, Consolidating above the 200 moving average, golden crosses, Weekly RSI up above bearish zone. Halving is in a few months. I know you like to discuss both scenarios but you definitely seem more bearish. Good luck and nice videos!

  3. February 2: Some kind of bearish engulfing.
    February 3: Shooting Star Candle.
    Double top daily RSI
    Looking like a tweezer top weekly candle

    Add all that and we get nothing but bearish scenarios. Nothing bad about being bullish. But it's hard to be bullish on bearish setups.

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