Fiat Currency Is One Big Scam, Anti-Gold Talk Has Led Us Astray | Robert Breedlove

In this interview, our Daniela Cambone speaks with Parallax Digital founder Robert Breedlove about the concept of money. When we finally abandoned the gold …


  1. Fiat money is a pure pyramid scheme. Gold and BTC are real money. Both should be in one’s possession as a store of value; however do agree that BTC is a superior asset.

  2. The only reason we have a currency that Bitcoin can be valued with, is because of gold. Yet gold is inferior to Bitcoin. Is it me or does that make absolutely no sense?

  3. Why can't bitcoin be manipulated?

    Apparently, the gentleman doesn't really understand it.

    Bitcoin is still PoW (Proof of Work) which makes Bitcoin susceptible to a 51% attack. 4 miners in china still have over 50% control …

    Do the math 🙂

  4. Gold not portable? I can carry a tiny gold sovereign in my pocket which has a value of about $400. A small handful of gold is more than most people in the world have in savings.
    I work in tech, I work with blockchain. Bitcoin is a tech protocol which, like all tech, is subject to obsolescence, indeed, already is obsolete because its a bloated, slow, energy wasting protocol that is accepted as payment hardly anywhere. Bitcoin is done. Bitcoin millionaires need to consider this and diversify now before its too late and some other protocol becomes the next speculative bubble.
    He is right on some counts regarding currency, but nobody seems to understand how the tech maturity cycle will play out. Bitcoin is not the answer to Fiat. Gold was, is and always will be because of its unique properties.

  5. have been steadily convincing a few members of my family to sell all their gold to buy bitcoin. This will be a trend you'll see more and more of over the next 10 years.

  6. PM's have been a storage of wealth for thousands of years…. Store of wealth= ability to store hrs of life worked (labor) or excess left after exchanged for a good; being able to be held for future exchange for good or services. Bitcoin is only a store of inflated fiat currency, which it is priced in and exchanged with. Tulips where once a currency as well… ultimately lost its holding when kings where no longer interested in paying for it.

  7. A very good interview, and I'm watching, listening, and reading as much as I can on Bitcoin…but I remain unconvinced. I'm not hearing what makes Bitcoin better than Gold in a way that addresses Bitcoins inherent tie to tenuous systems and technologies that aren't always present, don't always work, and to which we don't always have clear and consistent access. I never hear that specific counter-party risk on the part of Bitcoin ever addressed. And what happens if your key is lost or stolen? Can you have multiple keys? And human nature is never addressed. Does he really believe that governments are going to allow what will eventually be most of the world's wealth to be held outside of the government system? I'm having trouble buying into the concept when I look at it in light of history and human nature, though I do understand the pull of "the new", "the novel", "the technological", etc… I'm just unconvinced.

  8. An ETF on a digital string of bytes ?
    I am asking myself who organizes this kind of bullshit ?
    Another smart trap from the bankster elite ?
    Has our new generation become totally nuts ?

  9. Some scumbag politician/policy could quadruple the amount of Bitcoins overnight with "The swipe of a pen." You can't increase gold's supply by the "Swipe of a pen." Now you can sit here and give a laundry list of why you're "Not allowed to" quadruple the amount of Bitcoins, but that misses the point. #1 the track record of those in power honoring what they are "Allowed to do" is a joke, #2 gold supply has nothing to do with honoring something that you "Aren't allowed to do", gold supply can't be quadrupled at will simply because of physical impossibility. It has absolutely nothing to do with any Tom, Dick, or Harry honoring some rule, it's simply a physical impossibility (unlike Bitcoin). These dissertations about Bitcoin being the human advancement pinnacle of the definition of money completely miss the point about the LIMITATIONS aspect of the perfect definition of money. It is not superior to gold as money, it is inferior because by fiat you can increase it

  10. Everyone needs to understand how dumbed down the population is in the world…don’t try and be rational…it doesn’t work anymore…95% of Americans don’t know what the price of gold is…I would bet that over 50% couldn’t even guess the price and get within 40% of the spot price on their guess…gold is only worth what people think it is worth…the only way for gold to realize it’s true value is for people to lose faith in fiat currencies and face hardships…only then when their bellies are empty will they understand what gold is worth…and as more and more people understand the value of gold, the value of gold will increase with every person who wakes up to the reality of what real money is…

  11. Just try to forget what's being talked about and just listen to how it's being conveyed… sounds awfully similar to any other ideologically possessed person trying to convince you of a flawed and narrow minded set of believes, far from objectivity and truth.

  12. When no one wants silver and gold and it is shitted on, this is a sign a good entry, even averaging down. These guys keep coming up with capitalization. It will hurt them down the road. Bitcoin can be manipulated once the major players exit, prices drop and all rats run to the exit trying to escape. I would rather own physical, be safer and ask for a greenback and eliminate the fed and have only treasury come up with a bill, then work on pegging it to a commodity.

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