1. 5 hours ago members of FInalmente received a new email saying the following:

    "Dear Members,

    Further to the previous e-mail and subsequent suspension of our platforms, we wish to advise all members that we are working vigorously together with relevant professionals to find a solution to the problem.

    We wish to inform everyone that further communication will follow as soon as possible, as to what the plan of action will be to resolve this to the best of our abilities.


    Finalmente Global (Pty) Ltd

    9 January 2021"

    Looks like there is still hope for recovering our money without seeking liquidators. Therefore, we shall look forward to next week for FINALMENTE updates again on how they proceed to solve the problems.

  2. I’m only on Coinbase and the entire exchange is basically frozen right now.
    It says I can’t access my withdrawal methods.
    This isn’t right!
    As soon as it hit 50 I was going to sell.
    Now it’s dropped to 47 and still can’t access MY FUNDS.

  3. There is a video currently up on YouTube saying you can recover your funds. BE AWARE this in my opinion is a complete scam and don't be fooled. You are asked to input your account details etc into this script including your Wallet keys. I am no programmer, maybe someone whom knows better could take a look at the video and confirm.

  4. Late 2017 early 2018 all over again. Save you crypto. Run from these ICO total bvllsh!+

    If you are in one of the ICO or Platform since Oct 2020 until now I bet if you just bought and kept BTC you would almost double your money already without the risk of exit scam like these.

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