FIND OUT HOW BLOCKCHAIN IS CHANGING THE WORLD – Robert Kiyosaki, Jeff Wang, Joel Flint, Rob…

Everyone is talking about Blockchain but what does it all mean? How does it work? In this episode, Robert talks with Jeff Wang of RocketFuel, and Rob LeCount …


  1. Wrong… the prices are going down due to OTC markets lighting up & that smart $ is dumping it back into the market. You can't blame them for wanting to turn a profit. It's creating great buying opportunities. The infrastructure is being built for this to absolutely explode. Smart $ knows that.

  2. People, up until the development of Blockchain all businesses used double entry book keeping. Blockchain is Triple entry bookkeeping. Doesn't sound like much difference but it makes the old double system (that banks run on) as redundant as the fax machine, the VCR, and the typewriter. This is a technical revolution in accountancy. Why? The Double Entry book keeping system is Centralized, the bank keeps the unit (fiat) and the account, they keep the books, they do the transfers and they charge for their services. The new Bockchain is Decentralized, you keep the "cash" in your wallet, you keep the accounts on the blockchain (that's what the third column is, a verified true transaction) and you make the transactions happen to where ever you like and all you pay is the small transaction fee. So 90% OF WHAT THE BANK PROVIDED IS NO LONGER REQUIRED. If you trade with a merchant in crypto like bitcoin and don't convert to fiat, the bank has no commercial involvement or interest at all. and they are running scared, that's why they want to frighten you away from crypto. Cryptocurrency is now here, it's not going away. Its the peoples money, the people can control it that's the meaning of DECENTRALIZATION.

    But there is one coin that even has no fees, all transactions are 100% FREE no matter how small e.g. 1 iota thats about one 200 millionth of a dollar or how large, say 1 million miota, that's about 2 million dollars. It's called IOTA, you buy MIOTA'S (1 million iota's in one Miota) it's being called the third development of the blockchain and it is powering financial transactions for the Internet of things and today they are less than $2.00 each!

  3. IMO companies will soon start to issue crypto tokens in place of stocks. There will be tremendous opportunities for trading.

    I have a friend who makes 2-3 mil/yr trading Bitcoin. Something we should all think about!

  4. It would be nice to have a conversation with somebody who has been in the space for years and not a few months. There is many levels and dimensions never touched on that would shine a new light on the topic and give you the 'ah-ha' moment. I love seeing that in people's eyes that I teach. This is a new era and this is the new digital estate based on tokenized truth. If truth was a commodity, how important would you rate it? Above oil, gold, land? Can you have a relationship without trust? Secure in owning property? Try to buy real-estate in most of the world and you'll never feel safe without trust that it won't be taken from you? Finally – blockchain technology can provide trust. How much is that worth? The world is just begining to find out.

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