FIRST BITCOIN, NOW DE-FI. Bitcoin Bull Mike Novogratz REVEALS Decentralized Finance TOP PICKS.

Bitcoin Bull Mike Novogratz talks Decentralized Finance Holdings and the effect on Traditional Finance / Banks 0:00 – Market Recap | Topics Overview 2:46 …


  1. 950 millon is only 40% of what they made minipulating the market. They should have had the give back the 2.5 billion and pay the 950 million plus jail time. Allowing them to keep 60% only incentizes them to do bisness as usual.

  2. Just so you know, Kusama is Polkadot development / testnet pretty much. With nice development and deployment features. But, it is pretty much just a staging area for Polkadot development. It's essentially just a governance token (and gas?? not sure) for PolkaDot Staging environment.

  3. Thanks, People at the top powerful, banks, average Joe don't know what's happening. Laws and government supporting them, gov they scardy cats too, economy.

  4. Wait till defi scales to a hyper liquid environment where derivatives and real world assets are traded cross chain 😎. Imagine being able to swap property in real time. No real estate agents, no underwriters. All via smart contracts.

  5. Novogratz's name is irritating. Dude and his bailout program. Yeah..he knows finance but is a terrible human being. I don't think you worship him…so I'll keep telling people about your channel. 👍

  6. Dan, I think it's mainly because of the time frame you gave. 5yrs is a really short amount of time for anything to move. If you said 50yrs I think the results would be different. Though digital assets are the way of the future, banks have been an establishment in society practically forever. Undoing something so woven into the fabric of people's minds and culture can't be undone in 5yrs easily. You have to have a generation or two die off before most radical changes.

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  8. The Banks are in bed with the governments and vice versa. JPM firing the spoofers is just theatre. No one goes to jail. The same will be with the overall crypto market. They will take over crypto before they will allow defi. Unlike jpm employees, crypto holders will go to jail. It will be a war. Who will win? Wall Street/DC or the tech of Silicon Valley/people. The country is truly divided.

  9. Every bitcoin investor right now is just smiling at the price of bitcoin as it held strong and indeed valuable enough to generating good ROI. More persons are gonna become millionaires and we have bitcoin thanks for that

  10. I been in crypto for 4 years and see how far the space has come. I've made some lost some but in the end. The safest plays for me are Bitcoin etherum and theta. I was lucky to get into theta super early. I bought not enough of etherum when it was only $110. Stay strong and hodl on

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  12. Since the entire crypto space is ultra capitalism on steroids and the banksters are more powerful than states I believe they ll merge , and survive .
    The only way I see them disappear is through the collapse of the entire system, either by its own systemic risk, worldwide change , climate change and a global shift towards eco anarchism. Otherwise they ll keep being the « master of man » (to quote smith) and we ll go extinct

  13. Spoofing gold and other markets will apparently continue killing bitcoins true potential and its intrinsic value. Makes sense when banks know bitcoin is THE BIGGEST THREAT AGAINST THEM. "Wotya do" ?

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  15. why are you saying 5% is so Big?!?!?!?!
    that is just bank interest rate here in Asia.
    People should be investing at least 33% of their investment portfolio in Bitcoin , then 33% in gold silver , and then 33% stocks. for the rich , this is excluding their real estate investments.

  16. I really like how you focus on the bigger picture in crypto and the greater world of finance. Even though we have hundreds of YouTubers not many of them focus on practical applications. One example for me is how I still have a good percentage of money in Fifth Third Band in Ohio. I buy crypto and trade stocks but in reality I hate the Bank. It only exists to try to separate money from its customers. Their investment wing is weak and of course I make no money on checking or savings. At some point could you do a video focusing on reallocating funds into higher return options in crypto that aren’t high risk? Thanks

  17. My good friend works in IT at a top UK bank and he knows a few of the top most experienced IT consultants who work for the bank and it seems that they really are pretty clueless about blockchain at this point and are struggling to incorporate it into their business model. They certainly aren't innovating.

  18. "If you're going to make gains of 5x or 10x for a 10% fee… just keep doing the same thing"

    This comment out of context could apply to people paying outrageous gas fees to buy the new hot altcoin on uniswap. lol

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