Fixed income trader early to Bitcoin · Mike Komaransky

EP 179: Going all in—the fixed income trader early to Bitcoin; Mike Komaransky For many, this will likely be the first time hearing about Mike Komaransky, but …


  1. I think a lot of comments about how he doesnt know/talk much about TA is a bit myopic. That is only one dimension of trading. Successful traders are successful for a vast variety of reasons other than TA. And each reason is just as valid as the other if it can be turned into a discipline and repeated with some precision and positive PnL. You trade long enough and you realize the math and technical stuff nowadays is in many ways an illusion of grand structure that isnt necessarily there. Successful traders make sure they use all tools at their disposal no matter how unglamorous it seems from a technical standpoint

  2. 1hr 10mins in and I still dont have a clue how this guy 'trades', he seemed to not know either. Placed a bet on bitcoin and fot lucky. Good on him, but dont pretend to be a trader

  3. I get his point about the language used by crypto traders so they’re never wrong, but when he said ’what’s so significant about 6k’ with regards to Bitcoin then he lost me big time, 6k was a major support level for most of 2018 even Stevie Wonder could see that lol 😂 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. Really disliking the ego's of crypto "traders". Mike was very bland, and really offered nothing of value to beginning traders. I hope we don't wait another month just to hear an interview like this. Love chat with traders, but this episode can be skipped.

  5. Yikes! Not impressed with Mike. It seems to me that he's not an actual trader at all and that he was just lucky enough to find bitcoin early and HODL. Absolutely ridiculous views on TA.

  6. After listening to the whole interview it makes sense now, he believed in bitcoin and got rich and called himself a trader, people who know technical analysis then said he wasnt a trader which made him insecure so now he dismiss’s technical analysis but has no reasoning behind it, his problem is he cares what people think, theres nothing wrong with investing in something you believe in, he said nothing in the interview that tells us how he trades other theb he believes in bitcoin, when aaron brought up when btc broke 6k his reaction was laughable

  7. I am impressed how this guy made it this far with this attitude, not jealous of is colleagues thou… Feels like the type of guy who wouldn't update is Java in fear of the government

  8. Every trader has strength and Weakness, some are good holders of winners, but may hold their losers a little too long, others may cut their winners a little short but are real quick to take their losses Bradley booth's Patterns and signals are one you can rely on.

  9. His argument against technical analysis held no weight, straight up bias. Lost all credibility when he started slating TA.

    I think he took a huge bet on bitcoin early and came out on top but doesnt know much about trading. Kinda like those dotcom boom investors who made a fortune when every internet stock was bullish.

  10. Interesting interview !!! definitely some controversial points on TA, he does kinda sound like he's not a trader though. I mean history kinda shows that scores of people have been very successful using primarily if not exclusively Technical Analysis. Maybe he should sit in with a competent trader for a month !!!

  11. Holy shit reading this guys twitter is embarrassing. 100% sure he's rekt on BCH shilling it like a community member. Why does he need to start OTC desk for 25k size lol this man fucked up heavily somewhere…Been around since 2010 and still broke? Either stupid or liar.

  12. This guy definitely comes from fixed income. Bullshitting about how he can't give detail about anything because muh prop secrets. Classic wallstreet word salad type of of guy. "Trust me I know all this complicated shit I can't explain to you."

  13. Feel like he was making up how he bought btc in 2010. Whats so hard to remember about when you started a lifechanging investment?

  14. I think this Episode is worth listening. Even if he is not a "Trader" in your opinion guys. I mean who would listen to Warren Buffet as a trader? I would. He has the ability to find undervalued stocks. Is he a Trader?. Trading has many faces.i think Mr. Komaransky discovered Bitcoin in 2010! Wow. and sticked to it through all the issues and is still in the Business. I think it is a great conversation from Investment perspective. You guys should think in trading not only about TA also Fundamental Analysis. So TA+FA = rational Investment.

  15. I wouldn't listen to this guy again … agree with Matt D, he only is where he is due to discovering BTC early, sounds as if he makes his money now as a middle man, more a salesman than a trader.

  16. Seems like Chat With Traders is interested only in bitcoin and equities prop-traders lately (about half a year). It is dumb to do the same thing again and again and expect a different result, but I will still ask: please, more fx traders! Or at least futures and commodities. And not just one episode, they should be on equal terms with equities traders. I don't expect much though, so you be you and thank you for all beautiful episodes you've done in past.

  17. Seriously, how did this guy ever make money… right place, right time?… good on him I guess… totally cringeworthy though, when he showed zero understanding of TA and outright dismissed it lol… smh at these guys who scoff at a methodology that doesn't align with theirs.

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