Four Drivers Will Push Bitcoin Price to 20,000 USD | Crypto Markets

TO WIN A $50 VOUCHER, post your most-accurate Bitcoin’s price prediction of what it will be next Monday (July 1) in the comments under this video. On Monday …


    1. Post your answers in the comments to this video before Friday 2 p.m. EST
    2. The results will be compared to the price of Bitcoin on Monday, July 1, at 6 a.m. EST on
    3. The winner will be announced in the next Crypto Markets video on July 1
    4. Your price prediction should be in USD

    And thanks to everybody who has posted – good luck to each of you!

  2. I purchased discounted DAXCI. Its founder seems to wax lyrical about his exchange giving daily YouTube vids but ignores anything and everything to do with the coin. I admire his enthusiasm but wish he’d come clean about the coin. Anybody have some crystal ball projections they’d care to share on when or even if the DAXCI will start to trade?

  3. hi and all can any 1 tell me why would u buy wirexT as the be the benefit as fees and crypto back is very small and they want to keep you locked in for 6 month's for what? now if you buy wirexT for 1c and they say it's a stable coin dose this mean it is only going to be 1c ? of are all stable coins 1$ this is value if this is the case but i cant find this out ? thanks for any help wirex is the worst company i have ever come across for customer support like none !!!!

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