Fundamentals of HVAC – Basics of HVAC

In this video we look at the basics of a HVAC system. Looking at models of a typical system and showing photos and videos of real world examples to build your …


  1. I am thinking about going to school for HVAC. I was just wondering how much and how hard the engineering math is. I took sn electrical engineering course years ago and I had a tough time with sims of the math.

  2. We have three air cooled chiller unit. Each air cooled chiller unit have four compressor. But two compressor only working in each chiller unit. why all compressor are not working in each chiller unit

  3. The pump location is correct. If it was after the chiller then the pump might cavitate depending on what head is available on the inlet to the pump. Chillers do tend to have a pressure drop through them

  4. I am 3rd year mechanical engineering student and I want to know about MEP course and it's scope and future growth and also I want to know about design course (cad or cae) which course I should do sir MEP or design in mechanical?

  5. Hello, I am an architecture student asked to consider mechanical ventilation for toilets I have about 5 toilets and it is supposed to be a museum.
    Would i still have AHUs for them??

  6. Why a heating coil is added before the cooling coil? What is the purpose of adding a heating coil? As mostly the purpose in commercial buildings will be of providing cooling?

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