George Soros: the billionaire at the heart of a global conspiracy theory – BBC Stories

Investigating how multi-billionaire George Soros has become a bogeyman around the world – criticised not just by bloggers, but now by presidents and prime …


  1. They show the same one rally of white supremacists from charlottesville and expect no one to notice. the chant "jews will not replace us" sounds surprisingly like the chant from another supremacist group "black lives matter". hmmmm almost like they support racial supremacy in the MSM…

  2. People can go on George Soros “Open Society Foundations” website, and find out what he’s about and make up their own minds. I will say, one thing I didn’t like in this video was that they showed the protesters with the torches (astronomically bad image, but it happened one single time to protest a specific law yet to be made and there are not white nationalists all over the place) yet didn’t show the violent protesters (aka rioters) the media here in the US haven’t been covered. In Portland, where for (I’m not exactly sure, I lost count) 135 consecutive nights. Riots have been declared almost every single night amongst other cities which are also in ruins. People have been killed, lost their homes, lost their businesses and lives destroyed because of this. It’s also made gun shops the busiest places on the planet and for Democrats who believe in gun control this is the worst thing to have happened and they’ll be no stopping it now.

  3. Might have known BBC would say it has to do with anti Semitism…. Ffs, the guy is evil and gets his own way through bribing ppl and pouring money into the likes of blm and antifa to cause disruption around the world. How much has the BBC received from Soros ?

  4. this nazi monster George Soros spied on my private life infiltrated planes in Malta and has been stalking me (after covered up spying abuse of power) with them for 11 years non stop nazi encirclement. All evidence is on flightradar24…you will burn in hell monster God sees your crimes and horrors. He even used my private words walk on water pointing at central bank money to tell me he can do what he wants with that money including getting away with mass murder.

  5. MSM ……DO YOUR JOB! Fake News, Fake Bombs, Fake People……[DS] + Targeting = GEORGE SOROS. Yes, Shocking But, Accurate!
    [DS] Is Watching You…….Keep On With Their Mind Control Agenda….
    Killing Each Other! Do Your Research, Wise Up, Wake Up! Your Being

  6. Conspiracy Theory was a word made up by the government to be used as a weapon against the critical thinkers who’d question JFKs assassination at the time. This is a fact the government bends and makes rules that cater to them while we think we’re good. Watch the signs !!!!!!!

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