Gold and Silver Market Manipulation Goes far Beyond Spoofing.

gold #silver #lbma #comex #centralbanks #federalreserve #vaticanbank #bis #jpmorgan #spoofing #manipulation Today we will look into the recent news about …


  1. Spoofing is convenient and soft term banks use to downplay their criminal manipulations . If you or I did this to banks it would be called robbery with 20 years behind bars !!

  2. ~~ Manipulation is why buying GOLD is a terrible investment for the middle class…
    ~~ The wealthy have 5% in gold, but 95% in American Dividend Aristocrats…
    ~~ But Amazon, Walmart, Facebook and Target…They are recession-proof…

  3. This spoofing as you call it will always effect gold and silver so all this pumping could get a puncture down it goes again this guy seems to lose the info in translation ,they say that is the pumpers will rise again after dropping down maybe kicking the can down the road.

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  5. Happy Belated Birthday, Mario. You gave us a great present with this episode. So knowledgeable and such great details about gold's history and pertinent to the current actions against JPM. Thanks…keep up the great work.

  6. The digital control of markets and money is the most unique characteristic of our monetary era, but its power, process, and impact are never discussed in either the main stream or the alternative financial media. History will show that the digital process control of markets, and its endorsement by sovereign governments, was the single biggest reason for the longest and the greatest period of market fraud in human history.

  7. So? Nobody is going to do anything about it. All governments are complicit and corrupt. If u dont like it, do something about it. Or invest elsewhere

  8. Great vid mario. Do you think gld is unofficially capped around 2000 usd, slv 30 usd and platinum 1000 usd? They might want to keep the price low because of monetary challenge to fiat and industrial/military uses of the PMs?

  9. That's their job now.these agents run around giving cover for each other.look at the democrat's.they acuse the other side of the crimes they are committing.the whole system is coming unraveled.fraud everywhere.but only the slaves get accused of fraud.babylon is falling.the revived Roman empire survived the deadly will die again.good bye.God save the slave's

  10. JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have over a billion ounces of silver so if they pay 1 billion dollars that is only 1% of what they own that's like a slap on the hand not even it's a joke

  11. no one can buy or sale with out mask soon no one can buy or sale with
    out mark of the beast .I HAD VISION HOLY SPIRIT TOOK ME TO MY OLD JOB

  12. Is it possible to find out who is behind the manipulation. I don't mean jp Morgan, they are a bank, somebody is probably telling them what to do. And this has been going on for generations. So who, I mean what people, is doing this. Can we stop them?, can we confront them? Can we hold them accountable?

  13. The reason why most people can not figure out that Covid is a Hoax and they are being deceived because they have a average 98 IQ or lower. Like when you play a trick on your dog and he can not figure out that he is being deceived by some one he has learned to trust.

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