1. The best investing strategy is to engage in an investment which gives you time to go about your other plans, of which we can term that an advanced investment. I am currently involved in one where I earn 4 figures every 7 days.

  2. The rich get Richer because the poor thinks every opportunity is a scam. i took bitcoin investment as my part time job, investing with a legit platform and i 'm earning smoothly without any stress. i got paid of $9,500 after a week of investing, I really appreciate it and can't help but let others know about it because it is so suitable anyone can trade from anywhere and anytime Mr Nicholas is recommended on Instagram @nicholas__fxtrade. for more information. He is genius.

  3. I’m glad I have gone from being shop-a-Holic to a silver-a-holic! It’s a good addiction to have and now I’m working on getting my kids to be the same. Thanks Pimpy!

  4. Pimpy the other day you made a comment about why would Iraq print so much dinar…. to the tune of many trillions….then i listened to the round table you had with Charlie Ward on 10/21/20 and you and he and the other British gentleman were discussing the artificial suppression of the value of gold and silver….i have a theory…. you mentioned in that round table discussion that President Trump said “why not $100,000 per ounce? When asked about gold values.if gold and silver values are artificially suppressed and there is a gold and silver reset coming after Trump gets re-elected wouldn’t it stand to reason that Iraq wants to back the IQD with gold considering all the gold that was discovered at the Tigris Euphrates river? I have been invested in IQD since 2007 and there have been several articles i remember of currency swaps with just about every country on the planet with post Saddam era IQD that we hold …. with all that gold backed dinar in other nations currency reserves that would give just about every nation on the planet with a massive shot of liquidity eliminating debt wouldn’t it? If trump is trying to eliminate the globalist movement wouldn’t this be a great way to do it by erasing world debt with gold backed IQD? What are your thoughts?

  5. I earned a lot of free crypto there, and keep in mind if you do XRP that you need to make sure you are set up for the airdrop on 12/2/20. I went Uphold since they were already set up for drop. Have my XLM on coinbase and next move is Monero, XRM, but that takes a bit of understanding all the ways to access/use it.

  6. Hi Pimpy just wanted to say thank you for all your doing to help us Never rode a bull before but this one I’m riding this one with you. I don’t have much to invest with due to fix income but I did invest in some crypto, gold, silver, dong, dinar and the some of the mining stocks. Just trying to come out of this a little something so I do a little bit every month. I only shop for necessities now and invest the rest.

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