Grayscale Investments Bitcoin Trust. Australian Approved BTC Fund. Uzbekistan Adopts Crypto

Grayscale Investments Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) Becomes The First Registered SEC Reporting Company. 300000+ Raiz Customers May Invest 5% in Bitcoin as …


  1. Those Funds sound like the Holy Grail. How long do you think we may have to wait for those highly prized crypto Funds to arrive? I just hope we don't all have to grow some grey hairs before we see them. Cos you know how damn painfully slow they can be, especially with all things crypto. I guess when China rolls out it's digital Yuan (which may be on offer as soon as 2020), that will SHOCK them further into action, just like Zuckerberg's Libra did last year. So lets see those crypto Funds.

    And it's a Hell of a thing when a nation like Uzbekistan is MORE technologically open-minded and progressive in embracing this 21st century Digital Revolution than the world's so called Super Power. Because if Uncle Sam doesn't shift it up a gear, they probably wont remain a super power for long. They say Time waits for no man.

  2. gotta say i love your show.. teaches me alot.. i am a xrp worker bee .. but you have definitely opened my eyes . to other projects. that i have now diversified into .. vet iota singularity net

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