Harmonic Pattern Strategies in Bitcoin and other Crypto Markets

Scott Carney reviews Harmonic Pattern Strategies in Bitcoin and other Crypto Markets. In this presentation, Scott covers Complex RSI Structures that define …


  1. im sorry, because you were wrong on this tutorial/ video, it'll be hard to follow anything else you say. Clearly this didn't work but it was informative.

  2. Unfortunately all these patterns failed spectacularly to predict bitcoin highs 8k vs 20k or the great mistake of thinking the market would rally again to 20 k when it went down to 6k isntead. You would be very poor if you followed this advice, be careful traders this system does not work in crypto.

  3. Hi Scott. There is a bullish Gartley completed on bitcoin. What do you think about it (daily chart PRZ 8000-8500 on bitfinex)

  4. Hey Scott quick question, but first let me thank you for your very informative video. I just pulled up an updated chart on BTC and noticed that it dip below the trend line and the RSI moved back below the 50 mark. Are the magnet rules still in play or are you seeing this as a double bottom. My concern is the break of the trend line on the chart as well as the RSI.

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