Helium Hotspot Review: Help Create The People's Network and Make Cryptocurrency

Today we review the Helium Hotspot. This is a very interesting device that creates a public HotSpot to IoT – Internet of Things devices. What do you get for …


  1. Interesting monetization model. LoRaWAN has huge potential for all things IOT and device/object/child tracking where 4G/5G have no or limited coverage (mid-america plains + rockies). Most people in those areas have no idea on Cryprocurrencies, Helium or not and will have hard time justifying $450 expense, to be offset by Helium coins in x month. There must be a better way to expand the coverage area with lower price point and different rewards.

  2. So how much is mined in a general day? I would have rather the video covered this by coming back to it after a week, instead of half the video showing the website. I can scroll through a website without a video thanks.

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