HitBTC: The Biggest Crypto Fraud? | New U.S. Crypto Laws | MetaMask | Much More! (Daily Crypto News)

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    00:00:32 Introduction

    00:03:07 Market Cap Overview

    00:04:27 Halvening and Miner Sell Pressure

    00:08:42 Meme of the Day!

    00:09:43 Bitcoin ATM in Florida

    00:10:48 Crypto Youtube Censorship Update

    00:13:17 MetaMask

    00:17:36 HEX: 800 ETH withdrawn And Sent to Bitfinex

    00:21:30 New U.S. Crypto Laws

    00:27:28 Bitfinex Tightens Its KYC Process

    00:29:28 Proof of Keys Day – Jan. 3rd

    00:34:25 Ethereum Co-Founder Sells 90,000 ETH

    00:37:18 Virgil Griffith Update

    00:39:20 4 Beijing Regulators Issue New Crypto Activity Warning

    00:42:04 Kim Dotcom Tweet: Crypto Youtube Censorship

    00:44:06 Quote of the Day

    00:44:35 Investments of The Decade

    00:46:03 HitBTC: The Biggest Crypto Fraud?

    01:53:21 Conclusion


  2. Hey bro, the scam channels are hitting hard right now! There is a ton of live videos of mainly ethereum based channels that are hosting live ""airdrops" if you send me 1 eth I will send you 10 immediately back." The live videos are of Vitalik being interviewed in the past. Some of the channel names are Ethereum, Ethereum 2.0, Vitalik Buterin [Ethereum FOUNDER], Ethereum ETH US. Some of these channels have hundreds of thousands subscribers. There is also a channel called Binance doing the same thing but with binance coin. Please blast this out to the community so that more people can be aware we don't want anyone getting wrecked. Thanks bro!

  3. If Richard owns the origin address, he can potentially send himself eth to receive more hex and then just recycle the eth to gain an even larger market share of hex.

  4. With Hex, there is no Mt Gox…what happens when you buy a bitcoin from coinbase with a UCC lien attached to it which gives another entity superior title to that Bitcoin? You lose your bitcoin or go to jail indefinitely, thats what happens….and thats not a scam? You people who claim Hex is a scam better be right…cause if you are not it is because you are the real scam and you should really just stop talking

  5. Its pretty ironic that you report poor performance of Hex when everyone called it a scam since day 1 and it is clearly not a scam…facepalm….unbelievable, Hex is actually doing amazing inspite of the most ridiculous FUD I have ever seen…oh no wait I forgot, I remember Y2K haha…nevermind

  6. Thanks for the HitBTC education… it is Bitconnect 2.0 !!! I had an account with them but took the hit with the exorbitant with-draw fees as I finally learned to keep your assets in off-line wallets! Thanks Crypt0 !!!

  7. It's a customer support issue of Google. They are too big and have too many low level support agents in massive support centers. Unconventional solutions will continue to see friction moving forward.

  8. Thanks! I never knew about withdrawalfees.com, comes in handy. I used to have to sign into each exchange and check out the fee in the wallet of each one, and then compare… talk about time consuming!!
    I've gained so much knowledge about crypto from you over the last couple of years, and continue to do so, thanks so much Omar!!

  9. Omar…I see your crypto addresses have not reappeared on your channel. Did you take them off because of the youtube take down? If so they (big brother) are really doing their job.

  10. YouTube/Google will phase themself’s out faster by eliminating the usability of their products with crypto. Crypto is here to stay! One way or another…

  11. The point on quality of shitcoin being listed on an exchange is whatever… one shitcoin over another is subjective. Shit, ask a Bitcoin maximalist and they’ll tell you the same thing, but that everything is a shitcoin that isn’t Bitcoin.

    I think the author on exchanges like HitBTC should stick to their objective points… Don’t allow anyone to detract from them with subjective babble.

  12. If Richy was rich, he wouldn't go so low. In my opinion he lied about everything: he doesn't have any money and Hex was designed to steal people`s money, not to go 10 000X. I am not sure I feel bad for people that fell for this – it has all the signs and they were in it for all the wrong reasons. Hope I make sense, Omar ..

  13. HitBTC is a big time scam for sure. Back in 2018 when NXT holders were supposed to get the Ignis airdrop HitBTC just kept the Ignis. Me and many others drilled those Rat B@sturd$ on Twitter but eventually we had to give up. Unfortunately the exchange is a scam and will likely collapse and drag down another set of investors.

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