How a Cryptocurrency Exchange Works

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  4. Corrections are one of the staples of life. And is built into crypto. Trades have to be quick with a fluid matching engine like the one I got on Koinpro. I tried some arbitrage too

  5. Interesting indeed, but more conceptual than technical.
    I'd love to know more about:
    – What strategies smaller companies use to build exchanges (liquidity pools, market makers, shared pools…)
    – How they handle (create/manage/secure) customer accounts on blockchains? (secrets goes into a secured database? do they use Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets? and so on…)
    – What APIs are they using to fetch data on blockchains..
    and so on… more on the technical side of things.
    But Thanks for the piece of content!

  6. FinNexus organization with the support of wanchain technology provide good asset management services in crypto & traditional investment.

  7. The basic assumption of whole "crypto world" is to ensure of its user anonymity. It is supposed to run without any government affection so the answer for your question should be YES.


    Unfortunatelly almost every crypto exchange require identity confirment. And as you know "what once get to internet, stays in internet forever"

    So i would be more carefull with your personal data.

    If you are looking for real decentralized exchange, check one of these | Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins Futures Trading

    EMX – Crypto Derivatives Exchange

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  10. How are exchanges benefiting from crypto-currency mining? For example, PrixBit states that it uses the mining system in the Cryptocurrency Exchange . Can you explain this use? What is the benefit to users and the Cryptocurrency Exchange ?

  11. Can you review also prixbit exchange mining system please? As i understand from theoretically their mining system can be revolutionary but is it really possible in the future life?

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  13. Thank you for interesting content as usual!
    I like Binance and HitBtc and last days I really enjoy using Changelly to exchange my funds. According to my short research, comparing with other exchange platforms, their rates are quite beneficial. And very good technical support.
    Will you make a review on one of them? HitBtc, CoinBase, Changelly etc?

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