How A.I. Traders Will Dominate Hedge Fund Industry | Marshall Chang | TEDxBeaconStreetSalon

We’ve seen fully automated bot beats us in Go, one-on-one Poker and Dota II, now what’s going to happen for trading financial markets? Listen to A.I. Capital …


  1. AI can never be really foolproof in trading the financial markets. There are always natural disasters, wars, terrorism and obviously QE which manipulates the financial markets. There are too many unknowns in the future. I doubt AI can beat the best traders with good information but it will do better than the bad ones.

  2. What about companies like Renaissance Capital, 2Sigma and DE Shaw? Certainly these companies employ some variant of AI that they use in their trading/Money Management. The truth is that if you found an AI strategy that worked for you in the Financial Markets, you would not come out and announce it. Rather this is you comparative advantage and therefore you'd like to keep it a secret

  3. Just like self drive car data scientists describe a beautiful future in 2018 and told you again it won’t happen in 10-20 years . only naive people will believe deep learning can save the world .

  4. First of all: 277 % profit in a year trading? That's very low. 2nd: Trading currency is very low volatility = low profits. 3rd: All technologies are based on this universe, so if we understand the universe, we understand the markets (AND can predict them). A.I and bots are helpful to use, IF you understand exactly what they're doing. But if you know what they're doing, why would you even need them? Something to think about. Regards from a Swedish profitable full-time living trader without A.I.

    PS: I won't tell my tips and tricks here because I don't support the Tedx platform.

  5. A.I. will not only dominate, it will effectively crash the economy and simultaneously destroy Wall St. in what will be remembered as THE BIGGEST CASH GRAB OF THE CENTURY.

  6. 8:25 …and when it fails, it fails really, really hard. Exactly like human reasoning does, more often than not. Hopefully it will fail less than humans in terms of finance, making more wise, sustainable, mutually beneficial decisions, simply due to its hypothetically superhuman capacity of predicting and judging long-term outcome.

  7. Artificial Intelligence will handle all our major problems in the future, or.., it may just be the last invention made by mankind. In today's fast-changing business environment "hyperautomation" is the combination of automation tools to deliver work. Also, knowledge workers don't feel threatened by automation: they have embrace the robots as team-mates. This is what Morozov calls "solutionism" – the idea that any problem can be solved by machines with a computer code. AI, oh well… Getting into the emotional root will be crucial, but the fate of mankind will not get a single real benefit from it! We will become like the drunk who searches for his lost keys where the streetlight shines, rather than where he actually lost them.

  8. Every time a trader comes in front of camera & claims hypothetical returns like 982% showing fake Graphs & all, it, cringes me.

    No body who makes money in market shares his/her secret. Then, is he so gullible to share such thing ?

    or he may be baiting these returns to lure some wealthy people to pour dollars.

  9. "Will" dominate ? Asset management? Housing crisis ? Mass homelessness and shared rental accommodation? Corporations buying all the houses for assets ? No houses left for regular people to buy so house prices rise ? Hey great because corporate asset value increases ? Hey great more money for ai to leverage as betting collateral in the stock and crypto markets ?, an repeat ! ? There is only so many billionaire seats at the table ?

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