How I manage my finances as a crypto investor

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  1. Still watching the video, but it's wild that you're only a year older than I am! As always, thanks for all the helpful tips. You're one of the crypto guys I trust on Youtube. Keep it up!

    Edit: Big respect for you. Totally agree with the bit about learning to manage your own finances as investing in yourself for the future! Everyone should definitely learn a thing or two about it.

  2. Just stumbled across your channel while researching getting into crypto trading and mining. Really inspired by the way you present things and will be keeping up with you on my journey into this new field. Also would love a sweet external wallet <3

  3. I think it's the fundamental. Knowing that your wallet has to at least keep up with the inflation, and avoiding all those bank traps are keys to wealth and financial security. Not only crypto but also other assets like stocks and real estate are great ways to keep interest rolling in above inflation rate. Thanks, keep up the good work

  4. FYI just learning about the Crypto wallets ellipal is my favorite because you can’t link by wifi or Bluetooth or any other wireless connection which is great

  5. I wish you added more video on trading with cryptocurrency. You might have but I’m new to learning all this from the bottom watching a lot of videos just to get you your leave of investment. I wish I could turn my little of money to something more.. if you see this point me in the right direction starting small thanks

  6. Fiend- maybe you might be able to answer this since you are a big proponent of crypto dot com. I've asked tech support for a week and no answer yet. But.. I staked 500 MCO and expected to see earn rate %'s go up for other tokens/coins. But when I stake those, for example LINK, it stays at 4%, not 6%. Why is this? Does this happen to you?

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