How I Would Invest $1000 If New To Cryptocurrency

I have been asked how I would invest my money into cryptocurrency if I was starting out with $1000. Here is a real time analysis of how I would observe things to …


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  2. And you just cut everyone's network of what they invested after listening to you to 1/2. Meaning they lost 50% of their money. Good job.

    PEOPLE!!!, makers and listeners of vids "IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU SAY YOU ARE NOT A FINANCIAL BLAH BLAH BLAD AND THIS IS NOT ADVISE" because just by ou posting a vid ppl will listen and they will win or lose because of your vid. So if your fine with that responsibility of knowing that "IF I BUZZ… PUT OUT THIS VIDEO AND SOME JOE THE LOWEST DENOMINATOR LOSSES 5K USD WILL I BE FINE WITH THAT" if you still put it out then also know u are no better than bitconnect. Bitconnect recomended something they believed in and so did u, their followers lost and so might yours.

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  4. I live in Minnesota and i cant use GDAX so having problems buying altcoins. I am new to this but have bought Bitcoin and others offered on So my question is where can i buy these altcoins? And is there a way to turn my coins into USD without having to put it back into my bank like a wallet? Thanks sorry if asked this a lot already just so many scams being way careful lol or best i can.

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  7. Last year I was broke since I was an unemployed teenager. But then I discovered Steemit which led me to learn about and eventually buy a little Bitcoin. I only bought $30 in August of 2016 and since then it’s grown to about $750. Which is insane btw. Plus, afterwords I bought some Ethereum and ended up with Bitcoin Cash as well. And so I have roughly $1,000 to spend. I don’t see Bitcoin tripling in price anytime soon. So it’s time to take it out and put it into some mid-cap coins!

  8. Quick question. So to keep it simple: I have 1000$. My objective is to buy 1 BTC. BUT to accumulate 1 BTC I want to invest SOME of the 1000$ into other Alt coins that I feel will rise in time.
    Then after purchasing some alt coins for the low. I want to use some of the gains from the Alt coins to purchase more BTC to finally achieve the goal of buying 1 BTC. Thus achieving turning 1000$ into however much BTC will be worth at the time of purchase?
    Btw thanks for your videos and knowledge! You earned a subscriber.

  9. What the hell is the difference between all these things? Bitcoin I understand, but why are there suddenly 1300 of these damn things?

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