How Much BITCOIN Can You Buy on COINBASE With Just $50 Dollars?🤔

bitcoin #cryptocurrencies #bitcoinnews In this video I show you how simple and easily you can get purchase your own CRYPTO CURRENCY. This is NOT …


  1. can you help me understand if the future uses a new digital currency that isn't xyz coins, but some completely new form of currency and separate market (maybe created by government), would bitcoin become worthless?

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  3. We don't get it because we don't know a lot about it. Is it safe to make a weekly investment like your 401k. Is it's easy for me to throw in 30 to $50 a week, and what's the risk factor… I feel like for some people you're more than likely going to need a mentor of some sort to start to know how the market works . No one wants to lose what little they already have, and I understand how some people go all out and gambled everything away and in the end they still have nothing. Some may hit it big, but more lose than they do win. Is it a safe investment down the line .I think more people with a little money would like to know a little bit more about it especially me… so if you are willing to reach out to me I'm willing to look it over and listen, and understand… Start small by inching more so than giving a few thousand from the start, because you feel like you want faster wealth in it. I need to know exactly what I'm investing in. Thank you.. If there is an interest let's see if you reach out …

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